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        IEEE Potentials Magazine is the publication dedicated to undergraduate and graduate students and young professionals. IEEE Potentials explores career strategies, the latest in research, and important technical developments. Through its articles, it also relates theories to practical applications, highlights technology's global impact, and generates international forums that foster the sharing of diverse ideas about the profession.

        All IEEE members have access to Potentials articles in IEEE Xplore.

        IEEE Potentials Magazine

        IEEE Potentials Magazine

        IEEE Potentials Magazine is a member benefit for IEEE Student members.

        The magazine is archived in IEEE Xplore, and articles from all issues are available for download.

        IEEE Potentials magazine call for articles

        IEEE Potentials is dedicated to serving the needs of undergraduate and graduate students, as well as entry-level engineers. Article subjects are explored through timely manuscripts on both technical and career-related issues.

        If you are a technology professional who has cutting-edge technical ideas, formulated concepts about what will work, or opinions about the forces that influence the problem-solving process for the student and young-professional audience, IEEE Potentials would like to hear from you.

        IEEE Potentials is interested in manuscripts that deal with theory, practical applications, or new research. They can be tutorial in nature. Submissions may consist of either full articles or shorter, opinion-oriented essays.

        IEEE Potentials Magazine call for reviewers

        Would you like to express an objective opinion in a timely fashion? Do you enjoy placing X's in boxes as well as writing brief, to-the-point remarks/paragraphs? If the answer is yes, and you would like some valuable experience, you should consider being an IEEE Potentials reviewer. Articles are reviewed through Manuscript Central.

        Reviewers are asked to submit their technical areas of expertise and/or interests; however, we cannot guarantee that a reviewer will receive papers in these areas.

        It is our policy to protect the identity of our reviewers from the respective authors.

        If you would like to become a reviewer for IEEE Potentials magazine, please send your request (including your full name, email and postal mailing addresses, technical areas, and a brief resume) to MGA IEEE Potentials at potentials@

        All reviewers should refer to the latest IEEE Potentials Reviewer guidelines (PDF, 889 KB).