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        New IEEE Volunteer Expense Reimbursement System (Concur)—see details

        As part of an effort to carve out a well-deserved space in the IEEE digital presence for volunteers, each major Board will have a space devoted to them, with cross-linkages to other volunteer-only content across the organization. In this new space, you will find the content you need to access for your work as an IEEE volunteer. This includes meetings, agendas, resources, and other crucial information related to your role.

        Benefits of this change include:

        • Flexibility to pilot new ideas, innovate, personalize and evolve the volunteer web presence
        • A robust search to find and access content across each Board, crawling all volunteer content
        • Removal of clutter and unrelated content, creating a dedicated space for volunteers
        • Role-based access to shared resources across several Boards, centralizing volunteer resources in a one-stop-shop

        General resources that pertain to most IEEE volunteer roles, as well as links to other resource collections, are on this page.


        Security Update: 

        IEEE G-Suite and Recent Report of Google Allowing App Developers to Access Your Email (PDF, 62 KB)

        New training required for select volunteers

        As a reminder, new IEEE compliance training is required for select IEEE volunteers.