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        IEEE strives to achieve the highest standards of integrity and endeavors to conduct business around the world in a responsible and ethical way. It is important that those who act on the organization's behalf ensure IEEE's compliance by adhering to the same standards and expectations.

        Code of Conduct

        The IEEE Code of Conduct (PDF, 57 KB) describes IEEE members’ and staff’s commitment to the highest standards of integrity, responsible behavior, and ethical and professional conduct.

        Code of Ethics

        The IEEE Code of Ethics has been in existence since the merger with AIEE and IRE in 1963.  Every IEEE member agrees to abide by the IEEE Constitution, Code of Ethics, Bylaws and Policies when joining.

        Compliance HelpLine

        Reports of violations, or concerns regarding potential violations, of IEEE Policies or the IEEE Code of Conduct can be filed anonymously through EthicsPoint at +1 888 359 6323

        IEEE Policies (PDF, 977 KB):

        • Anti-Boycott Policy (12.12)
        • Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy (12.13)
        • Antitrust and Fair Competition Policy (12.10)
        • Civility Policy (9.25)
        • Computer Policy (9.28)
        • Economic Sanctions and Embargoes Policy (12.11)
        • IEEE Records Management Policy Statement (12.8)
        • IEEE Social Media Policy (9.27)
        • Whistleblower and Non-Retaliation Policy (9.9)

        IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems

        The purpose of this Initiative is to ensure every technologist is educated, trained, and empowered to prioritize ethical considerations in the design and development of autonomous and intelligent systems.

        Find information on the Legal and Compliance Department website to understand the function of the Department as well as important information related to IEEE and its compliance programs.