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        Discover how the IEEE SA is working
        to meet your evolving needs.

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        News from OCEANIS

        OCEANIS recently published a Think Piece entitled ‘Role of Standards in Facilitating Innovation while Addressing Ethics and Value in Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (A/IS)'...

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        Policymakers Guide to IEEE Standards

        See how IEEE SA is helping public policymakers and influencers better understand the benefits of IEEE standards in its Policymakers’ Guide to IEEE Standards.

        Featured Standard Image

        IEEE 802.3cn™-2019

        IEEE Standard for Ethernet - Amendment 4: Physical Layers and Management Parameters for 50Gb/s, 200Gb/s, and 400Gb/s Operation over Single-Mode Fiber


        News & Events

        Newly Published Standards & Related Products
        Featured Standard doctor with ipad

        IEEE Standard - Health informatics--Personal health device communication Part 10415: Device specialization--Weighing scale


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        IEEE Standard for Secure SCADA Communications Protocol (SSCP)


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        American National Standard -- Methods of Measurement of Compatibility Between Wireless Communications Devices and Hearing Aids

        Corporate Membership Benefits

        • Gain insight into evolving and new standards
        • Drive the direction of emerging technologies
        • Influence standards projects that can impact your bottom line
        • Speed creation and adoption of standards
        • Network with global innovators and industry leaders
        • Obtain leadership opportunities in IEEE SA committees

        Individual Membership Benefits

        • Engage in an unlimited number of Individual Projects
        • Ballot on unlimited number of Individual Projects
        • Initiate new Individual Projects
        • Assume leadership positions on working groups
        • Participate in IEEE SA Board of Governors & Elections
        • Discount on the purchase of IEEE standards