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        Ways to Participate

        Join a global network of industry and technology experts and thought leaders that change the way people live, work, and communicate.

        IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) Membership
        IEEE SA offers different membership levels—individual- or entity-based—so that the most effective and appropriate method can be utilized depending on factors such as the specific needs of the technology space, the geographic origin of the stakeholders, etc.

        Standards Development
        Standards drive technological innovation, fuel growth of global markets, expand consumer choice, support interoperability and help protect the health and public safety of workers and the general public.

        Alliance Management 七乐彩宝宝软件
        IEEE Alliance Management 七乐彩宝宝软件 (AMS) provides industry alliances and trade associations with turnkey legal and operational support.

        New Technologies
        The IEEE SA Industry Connections (IC) program helps incubate new standards and related products and services by facilitating collaboration among organizations and individuals as they hone and refine their thinking on rapidly changing technologies.

        IEEE Certification
        The IEEE Conformity Assessment Program develops and implements programs that couple standards development activities with conformity assessment activities, which help to accelerate market adoption while reducing implementation costs.

        IEEE SA is at the forefront of emerging technology innovation. Disruptive technologies, such as blockchain and open source are reshaping the face of technology development.

        IEEE SA recognizes outstanding standards development participation through various award categories.

        Listing of upcoming events from IEEE Standards Association and industry.